After a storm comes calm, clear, settled waters.  Tranquility and beauty.

The great thing about most phone based software is it is often incredible easy and straight forward to use, so much so that, more often than not, there are very few, if any, help pages.

Good IT systems allow a plethora of useful information to be EASILY shared and accessed as needs be.

So to the point. The SIMS system has a lot of user guides. Howevnr RVHS’s new  Assessment System, “Go for Schools” is like a well designed mobile app. It just does what you would want it to do and looks nice, whilst offering significantly more information and features to staff.

I’m very excited about introducing Go ASAP and I’m confident that given enough time and support you will all have loads of “Zest for Data”. I totally reasonable to not have much of this currently.

The storm of change has hit RVHS and it’s tough.  Man the pumps and we can ride it through to more pleasant waters..

Harvey French
Student Data Manager